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Geoff’s Eco-Challenge for June: Love your leftovers

Every year in the UK we throw away 4.5 million tonnes of food that could have been eaten. The impact that this food wastage has on the environment is huge.

The food that goes to landfill releases methane as it biodegrades and this gas is 34 times stronger at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.

When food is wasted, so are all of the resources that have gone into its production including land, water, transport and energy. So, the real cost of our food wastage is much bigger than we realise.

Just one quarter of all our globally wasted food could feed the 795 million undernourished people around the world suffering from hunger. We can all make small changes to our daily life to help reduce our impact on the planet.


  •  Look in your fridge and cupboards and choose some unusual combos that you think just might work. The more adventurous the better.
  •  Do you have a recipe that could use this food? If not, have a look online for recipes with your chosen foods in them e.g. bread is great for making croutons in soup, spinach can be used in a curry, bruised fruit is great for smoothies, and brown bananas are great for banana bread.
  •  Once you’ve chosen your recipe, do your preparing, cooking or baking. It would be great to share your recipe either in the Eco-book at the back of church or put it on the Eco-noticeboard in the church porch – include a photo if you like!

During the month, I am going to try to check the fridge more often and freeze food before it goes off. I might designate one shelf in the fridge for opened food or things that are close to their use-by date and use that food first.

With love,