June dates for your diaries

Sunday 2nd June 3.00pm – our next Muddy Church date. Bring your children or grandchildren and have some fun in the churchyard with us.

The next churchyard clearing morning will be on Saturday 15th June – come along and help if you are free. Please bring your own tools with you. Dates for the rest of the year are:

  • 15th June
  • 17th August
  • 19th October
  • 14th December

Saturday 22nd June 10.30am – I am holding a ‘Let’s talk about Funerals’ Coffee Morning in the Parish Room. Come and join us for coffee and cake as we talk about all that a funeral involves and perhaps start to think about putting thoughts together for our own service. I promise it won’t be too challenging and it’s a good opportunity to ask questions. If you know you are hoping to come, please tell me as it would be good to have some idea of numbers. Come and speak to me if you want to know more. Sue

Ordination Service

On Sunday 30th June, our curate Cerys will become a priest in an ordination service at Coventry Cathedral at 10.30. Then in the afternoon at 5.00 there will be a special service at St Mary Magdalene’s when she will take her first Holy Communion service.

We will not be holding services here at St James that day and hope that many of you will come to the Cathedral or St Mary Magdalene’s on that day to support Cerys.

If you are planning on going to the Cathedral and can either offer lifts or need a lift, please sign the list at the back of church and we’ll try to make sure everyone who wants to go can get there. There is also a coach going from St Mary Magdalene’s, leaving there at 9.30 – speak to Sue if you are interested in going to Coventry on that.

This coming month’s Dog Walker’s Coffee morning will be on Saturday 29 th June.

This month, the Foodbank is particularly in need of tinned tomatoes, vegetables,

custard and rice pudding; long life milk and fruit juice, squash, jam, cup soups

and instant mash​​​​​​

               Thought for the month: The power of prayer

                   Dear Friends

If you have ever been on the receiving end of prayer at a difficult time in your life, you will know just how                          much it can help to know that you are being prayed for and held before God by the people who care about                              you. One of the things I particularly love about our Prayer Space meetings on the first Saturday of each                                    month is that we pray by name for folk that we have been asked to bring before God. Some months the                                    prayer remains the same as the month before, sometimes we are able to give thanks for an improvement or                              a change in a particular situation, but whatever is happening, there is a real sense of God being part of the                                process. Prayer does change things – and we are the resource that can make that happen.

So, let me ask you a question: how often do you pray? That’s not something we tend to discuss over coffee on a Sunday morning! I freely admit that I find it really hard to do – not just in terms of the self-discipline required to find time each day for prayer, but also in terms of the quality of my prayer time. I often find my mind wandering off into all the things that I need to do during the day ahead. But the curious thing is that however badly I think I do it, my day goes better if I’ve tried. I’m reminded of St Paul’s letter to the Romans, where he says ‘the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words. And God, who searches the heart, knows what is the mind of the Spirit” (8:26-27). It’s nice to know that God understands, even when my words are totally inadequate!

Jesus always took time out to pray. Before any major decision or event, he would go off to a quiet place on his own to pray. There’s an important lesson there for us. Often the big decisions, the crisis points, come when we are really stretched for time, when the demands on us are huge and it’s very hard to find time to stop, get beyond the outside noise, and to let God in. But that’s when it matters most.

Rather than offer you a prayer to close, here is a poem about prayer given to me by a friend – you may well have come across it before, but I offer it as an encouragement to each of you to really think seriously about how and where you can find time to spend with God each day.

With love, Sue

The Difference

I got up early one morning

and rushed right into the day;

I had so much to accomplish

that I didn’t have time to pray.

Problems just tumbled about me,

and heavier came each task.

‘Why doesn’t God help me?’ I wondered,

he answered, ‘You didn’t ask’.

I wanted to see joy and beauty,

but the day toiled on grey and bleak,

I wondered why God didn’t show me;

he said, ‘You didn’t seek’.

I tried to come into God’s presence;

I used all my keys in the lock.

God gently and lovingly chided,

‘My Child, you didn’t knock’.

I woke up early this morning,

and paused before entering the day;

I had so much to accomplish

that I had to take time to pray. 




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