Confirmation November 2018

The church was packed to the rafters today for the confirmation of 11 people into God's embrace. It was an honour to have the Bishop of Warwick to lead the service and anoint the candidates. The congregation sang in good voice, with passion and it was wonderful to hear the hymns at such a volume. The candidates read us some wonderful intersessions and the ceremony of the confirmation was beautiful and very moving. Well done to the candidates and many thanks to the Bishop.

29th July 2018

Our Patronal weekend is always celebrated with beautiful flowers and nibbles and drinks after the service. This year the church looked spectacular and we opened the church to visitors throughout Saturday and Sunday. The organ was played on Sunday afternoon and we welcomed several visitors to the church.

Reverend Sue being presented with her licence by Rev Clive Hogger, Assistant Archdeacon, as she moves from Curate to Associate Minister.

Christmas at St James- December 2019

Always a favourite - the carol service has a wonderful atmosphere with a busy church and everyone singing by candlelight. The choir was a wonderful addition, as always, making the rest of the congregation sound wonderful, with their harmonies and their 'choir only' pieces. Everyone joined together at the village hall afterwards for mince pies and warm punch.

Carols in the Churchyard

A new addition to our Christmas festivities in 2021 was Carols in the Churchyard. A good group joined together wearing hats, scarves and gloves to sing carols and enjoy an intermission with refreshments. There was also time to look at the wonderful, handmade decorations in the churchyard, based on the theme of a Festival of Carols. 

Easter Fun 2019

The church was busy for a jubilant Easter Sunday service lead by Rev.Sue. Sue read a fun take on the Easter story for the children. They had to listen out for the word egg (which appeared frequently) and stand up each time they heard it in order to win a chocolate egg. The flowers were spectacular in pastel shades and we concluded the service with a full volume rendition of Thine Be The Glory which really reflected the celebratory mood of the day.

September 2018

This year marks our Diocese Centenary Celebration and members of the congregation have put together a lovely display about the history of the church and some of the people who make St James such a special place.

February 2018

Our recent Lent lunch held in the village hall. Many thanks to all who helped to make it so successful.

St James The Great

​Old Milverton, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

24th June 2018

Following our family service we had a delightful picnic in the churchyard and enjoyed the sunshine and company of friends.

11th March 2018

Today was Mother's Day and we spoiled all our mums with a bunch of flowers, handed out by the children in the congregation. The bunches were beautifully put together by volunteers from our congregation. We also welcomed a new member into God's kingdom with a baptism, led by Revd. Felicity and encouraging all the children to take part. Revd. Sue used Russian dolls today to demonstrate how we are all enveloped in layers of love and support. The smallest doll is each one of us. The next doll, encasing us, is our family - parents, siblings, grandparents. The next is our friends, colleagues, teachers. The next is the church, supporting us through our lives. And the last, and largest, doll is God, enclosing us all in his love.

​Special Services

16th September 2018

Today saw us welcome our new vicar, William, in St James style. The service was attended by the mayor and by our patrons, the Heber-Percys. The congregation sang with energy and were thrilled with the excellent sermon which William gave on the parable of the vine and the branches. We had some wonderful nibbles in church afterwards and we all look forward to many more thought provoking sermons from William over the coming years

25th March 2018

​Today was Palm Sunday - a very exciting time of year as we prepare for Jesus resurrection. We were all given a palm cross to be blessed and take home with us. Then, we followed the Passion story with members of the congregation taking speaking parts, which really brought it to life. It is always a thought provoking time of the Christian calendar.

Harvest Festival October 2018

The harvest festival this year featured beautiful flowers by all the flower team and a wonderful sermon about God's abundance from Stig. The service was followed by a hearty harvest lunch prepared by the talented cooks of the church, in great company. Funds raised from this were donated to the Facing the World charity who aim to change the lives of children with terrible facial deformities.

30th March 2018

Good Friday is a sombre time and the church was decorated beautifully to reflect this. The mass was a mixture of bible readings, modern day passages from the perspectives of those around Jesus at the time of his trial, and quiet times to be reflective and contemplative. There were hot cross buns in the church hall after the service.

11th November 2018

Today, on the 100th anniversary of the end of the 1st World War, we remembered all those lost in battles and all those still at war today. We had beautiful decorations in the church, including a wonderful display on the font by Old Milverton WI. It was a very touching service, and a wreath was laid at the War Memorial in the churchyard and each name on the memorial read out aloud to remember the sacrifice of those local boys.

29th March 2018

​Maundy Thursday is a time to think about Jesus service to others and how we should try to follow in his footsteps by serving others as well. At the end of the service the alter is stripped ready for Good Friday.