St James The Great

​Old Milverton, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


If you live in our parish, are on our electoral roll, or have other qualifying connections, then you are entitled to be baptised, married and buried at St James.

We would, of course, love to see you here at other times too, but whether you are a regular member of our church family or not, we are always delighted to be involved in those important and life-changing events.

St. James The Great - Roads in our Parish

Old Milverton Road - From brook by allotments up towards village

Old Milverton Village - All properties

Old Milverton Lane - All properties

​Stoneleigh Road - Up to roundabout with Bericote Lane

Kenilworth Road - Properties on both sides of road, between Northumberland Road and Chesford Bridge (to Ramada Hotel)

Hill Wotton Road - The three properties just off Kenilworth Road (boundary is river).

Sandy Lane - Both directions, upto and including North Leamington School but no further.

Bericote Road -  ​All properties on the south side fo the road

Westhill Road - All properties on south side of road until just before Westhill House

Range Meadow Close - All properties

Hopton Crofts - All properties except first two houses on right, and the two cul-de-sacs on the left.

Guys Cliffe Avenue - The houses on the left hand side beyond Range Meadow Close

Crowden Drive - Some houses at the closed end of the road

Almond Avenue - Some houses at the closed end of the road

Park Road - Some houses at the closed end of the road

Garway Close - Some houses at the closed end of the road

If you are not sure which parish you live in, the 'A Church Near You' website is very helpful: